August in April

Mother Nature seems to be “on crack.”  Maybe Easter being so late this year threw her off.  What am I moaning about?  The temperature.  Mid 80s, though felt like 90s, yesterday and today.

The bedroom I presently occupy is cold when it’s winter, and warm when the temperature heats up.  Last night my poor dog panted quite a bit.

This evening I had to do something I didn’t want to do:  TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONING.  Presently trying to cool off the house (it’s too humid).

I SHOULDN’T have to turn on the air conditioning in April.  My local electricity company loves it.  It really bothers me.

In early Spring and early Fall, what’s so great (if the temperature is within seasonal averages)  is that I am neither spending money on heat (Washington Gas) nor electricity (PEPCO). 

Luckily there’s relief right around the corner.  In a few days we’ll have cooler temperatures.  Thank goodness.  🙂


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