The value of Meetup

In a previous post I mentioned how I decided to purchase a raised vegetable garden bed rather than register for marathon training. One of the biggest drawbacks about the marathon training was the location, NoVa (Northern Virginia). Also I wanted my training day to be Sunday rather than Saturday.

The friend who persuaded me to purchase the raised bed suggested that I look for nearby running groups on the Internet. I searched for running groups in DC but encountered the same problem – the groups were based in the suburbs. Then I remembered, there’s got to be a Meetup.

I searched for Meetups in DC. I found one that met my criteria – in DC & meets on Sunday. The group catered to Baby Boomers (I’m Gen X) but I joined the group nonetheless.

Had my 1st session yesterday. Just me and the Meetup organizer, Orlando. We ran from Logan Circle, past the Lincoln Memorial & reversed our route. At the halfway point, we walked for 1 minute. The rest of the time we ran.

I learned Orlando has been running for 30 years. He’s a fitness trainer. Because of his background, I peppered him with lots of questions about stretching, diet, etc. It was a privilege having a personal trainer for an hour.

Before meeting Orlando yesterday, the maximum time I have run at one time was 30 minutes (in fact this past Friday, I completed the 9 week Couch to 5K app). Yesterday Orlando & I ran 5.79 miles in 1:05 hours. Wow, didn’t think I could do that!

Yesterday was such a delight. I learned SO much in one session. I look forward to future sessions & preparing for the 10K & marathon with Orlando’s assistance.

And the best part (besides training with Orlando & hopefully more runners), it’s free!


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