Got Milk?

Years (make that “many”) ago, when I was in grade school, from the 1st through 6th grade I was offered regular milk only as a drink for lunch.  I wanted chocolate milk (I know, The Slow Cook would shake his head) but had to wait until 7th grade before having this “option.”  Once I entered the 7th grade, I requested my chocolate milk.  I recall drinking my chocolate milk with pleasure but then, there were certain, unanticipated sounds: about three or four students belching at the lunch table.  Yuck.  Couldn’t drink my chocolate milk in peace.  Turned off (frankly disgusted) with poor table manners, I discontinued my chocolate milk consumption at school.

Fast forward to today.  Visit your local natural or organic grocery market.  What will you find?  Soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, oat milk (and the “Milk Industry” is fuming as I list all these types of milk.  The “Milk Industry” wants the work “milk” struck from all of these “phony beverages”).

There are a significant number of Americans who are lactose intolerant.  Those individuals cannot not enjoy dairy products like ice cream, cheese, yogurt, etc.  Thankfully, the consumer has options.

I’ve tried soy milk, the 1st big alternative to dairy milk.  Overall, soy milk is okay.  And I had soy ice cream. Decent.  Then I tried rice milk – too watery (comparable to skim milk).  But I must say that “rice dream” – the rice milk ice cream alternative – is rather tasty.

I have now settled on oat milk (this alternative has such a low visibility that even The Wall Street Journal failed to mention this milk alternative  in an article a few months ago – but that’s typical of me as a consumer.  When the original iMac premiered with the five colors, I purchased “Tangerine” – the least favorite color).

Apparently, based on that Wall Street Journal article almond milk is all the rage.  It supposedly has a great taste and its texture is similar to dairy milk.

And, your dairy options are not limited to milk.  Rice and soy “ice cream” are available. And one can purchase rice and soy cheese.  Soy milk yogurt is widely available (I’ve only seen one company offer a rice milk based yogurt).  With the growing popularity of almond milk, I wouldn’t be surprised to see almond milk cheese, almond milk ice cream and almond milk yogurt in the near future (not holding my breath for oat milk cheese, ice cream and yogurt).

It’s wonderful that companies are meeting the needs of consumers who are requesting alternatives to dairy products.


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