$10 off by using credit card

Treated a friend to lunch today. This friend will be leaving in three weeks and relocating to Florida.

I had $30 cash in my wallet and presumed it would cover the cost of our lunch. Wrong! The total came to $33.00 (rounding up). Didn’t have enough money to cover the bill, let alone the tip. Had to pay with the credit card.

The waiter returned about a minute later and told us he had an extra $10 coupon and applied it to our bill. The total cost was now $24 + change.

My friend was so grateful, she tipped the waiter $10.00.

I then asked the waiter, may I pay with cash, instead of by credit card? He said the coupon applies only if one pays by credit card. Obviously, I didn’t switch method of payment.

And since I was treating my friend, I handed her $10.00 to reimburse her the $10.00 tip to the waiter.


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