Shame on you Lady, Would Be Thief

Yesterday morning (Sunday) about 10:45 a.m. I’m standing in line at the grocery store.  There are two customers ahead  of me.  I’m not paying much attention to them as I empty the contents of my shopping cart.

The customer two ahead of me, a female between her mid 40s and early 5os, completes her transaction and departs.  The next customer, an elderly gentleman directly in front of me, says something to the cashier, who then calls out to the female customer who had just departed.  The female customer, at first did not stop, but ultimately returned to the register.

I thought, maybe, the cashier forgot to give something to the female customer.  Instead, as I watched, I deduced the female customer had a two or three 12-packs of sodas at the bottom of the shopping cart.  Apparently the cashier did not see the packs of soda, the female customer apparently was hoping to walk out the grocery store without paying for them, and the elderly male customer in front of me recognized the “would-be-thief.”  The female customer remarked as she paid for the packs of soda, well now all my money is gone or words to that effect.  

I couldn’t believe it.  Caught red-handed.  She’s lucky she wasn’t busted.

Of course, when it was time for The Money Heifer to be served, I began peppering the cashier with questions.  The cashier told me she did not see those packs of soda at the bottom of the shopping card.  But for the honest elderly male customer, that female customer would have walked out of the grocery store without paying for the merchandise.  The cashier even told me that the female customer was complaining about all the money she was spending for her children’s graduation party (how would her children feel if she had been BUSTED).

I can’t believe that woman tried that, on a SUNDAY morning, no less (and of course stealing is wrong ANY day of the week).  Shame, shame on YOU.

Thankfully, that elderly male customer in front of me reported her shenanigans.


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