I Need a Maid!

Yes, The Money Heifer wishes she had one.  And I know I’m not alone in wishing for one.

No, I’m not picking up after little kids (there’s enough cleaning after the dog though).  But it’s amazing how little time one has and the number of things one would like to do.

I know my problem is I’m doing TOO MUCH:  besides work (a given), I run three times a week [maybe just twice this week with the “bum” right knee] – which means I get up 5:00 a.m. in the morning; on non=run days I ride the  bike or jump rope.  I periodically give power point presentations on genealogy related topics (giving a 2nd one this month this upcoming Saturday). I’m the editor of a genealogy related newsletter. I’m a certified “Master Gardener” and must earn a certain number of educational and volunteer hours each year to maintain my certification. Plus I have my own vegetable garden (just planted some pathetic looking zucchini and cucumbers I grew from seed yesterday – didn’t have time earlier to plant and last week it rained virtually every day).  And, I didn’t mention this blog!  Additionally, there’s always various social functions or activities.

Then there are the household related chores: cleaning the house, washing clothes, mowing the lawn, buying groceries.  I’ve been too “preoccupied” with other activities that I can see the layers of dirt.  I still have turtle necks hanging in the closet.

I am so tired these days. And it seems, I’m really punishing myself when I play catch up (like right now).  I still have not pulled out all warm climate clothes from the closest and still have many winter climate clothes in the closets.  When overwhelmed, I start thinking about a “maid” and how the house would be clean upon my arrival home.  If I had a maid,  I would have time to do other things (minus yard work – no self-respecting maid will do those chores).

And, no maid has magically appeared since I started typing this post.  Well, back to REALITY = time to get my clothes out of the dryer.


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