I thought you put that in the shopping cart

A friend of the family is a top notch “handyman.” Recently the front passenger door of my car was squeaking. WD40 didn’t resolve the problem so I figured, better take the car to the mechanic. This family friend rode in the car with me, heard the noise, determined what was wrong and resolved the problem.

Tonight this friend accompanied me to Lowe’s. At one point we both walked away from the shopping cart. When I returned, I noticed a few additional items in the cart and presumed he needed those items, though I thought one item seemed weird. I purchased those items because this family friend doesn’t charge me.

When we arrived at my house and he unloaded items from the car, he gave me those handful of items. I responded, I thought these were yours. He thought they were mine, though at least one item he was surprised I would purchase.

Well, he figured someone else placed those items in our shopping cart by mistake. Hilarious! Well, have to return to Lowe’s anyway because we forgot to purchase mulch.


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