Is this emphasis on having a college degree misplaced?

I do wonder.  I have a friend who is very bright and very handy, a great combination.  Yes, he has a college degree.  But he’s also very sharp at fixing things, assembling things. When it comes to home maintenance and car maintenance, he’s a “jack of all trades.”   He doesn’t have to spend money hiring someone else to take care of a lot of home maintenance or car maintenance matters.

Not everyone is  meant to go to college.  Some individuals are better with their hands.

  The District of Columbia made the mistake of eliminating all vocational schools several years ago.  The system has plans to re-establish a vocational school, if one is not already in existence.

I have a better appreciation of the importance of those vocational classes [not offered at my college preparatory high school].  We  Americans should have a trade, a skill to “fall back on.”   The trade/skill I’m cultivating is urban gardening.  But, boy, I wish I was “handy” like my friend.  But I’m willing to learn and he’s willing to teach me.


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