Tattoos for memorabilia

You may have heard or read about the recent resignation of Jim Tressel, the former coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes football team. Tressel apparently dug his own grave by lying to NCAA officials.

What has caught The Money Heifer’s attention is the alleged exchange of memorabilia by Ohio State football players for tattoos. Apparently for some individuals, tattoos are really valuable. Frankly, it’s beyond me.

The Money Heifer would only wear a Cracker Jack tattoo. Why? Because such a tattoo disappears in a day or two. Okay, end of digression.

These football players receive scholarships to attend a university. So they already have a huge financial advantage over non-athletic students (an issue for another day – whether these collegiate athletes should be paid).

Why would one risk one’s opportunity and possible future with an NFL team by violating NCAA rules for tattoos? Mind-boggling!


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