$300/week for college football players

Okay, the 1st gauntlet in light of Jim Tressel’s resignation as football coach for Ohio State University. Steve Spurrier, presently football coach of the University of South Carolina, proposes to pay $300/week to each football player out of his salary. Spurrier acknowledges the money these collegiate athletes generate for their schools but these collegiate athletes don’t even get a crumb from the pie. Years ago college football players received a scholarship. Today they receive a scholarship, but the revenue generated is obscene but the universities & coaches are benefitting from the enormous profits, not the collegiate athletes.

So Spurrier suggests a football coach should give each player $300/week as spending money to, for example, pay for their parents’ travel to attend a football game, to take the girlfriends out to dinner, to get that iPhone, etc. Reading in between the lines, it appears Spurrier believes if the coach is giving the player money, the player will be less inclined to accept money from a booster or to trade memorabilia for tattoos.

Spurrier claimed he spoke with other SEC football coaches (including Nick Saban of Alabama) and they agreed.

Spurrier’s proposal, if implemented, would open a can of worms. Should payment be limited to college athletes on revenue-generating sports like football or basketball? What about Title IX which mandates equal funding for women’s sports? And what if the players want a larger stipend?

Let the debates begin.


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