The Breakfast/Lunch Tension

Years ago, when stationed in Japan, there was a Burger King on base near the BOQ (Bachelor Officers’ Quarters). I walked in one Sunday just after 11:00 am expecting to purchase a breakfast biscuit. I was told only lunch items (burgers) were available. I was miffed. So I inquired, how come you don’t serve breakfast items later on the weekend? The manager responded, there are customers seeking burgers and french fries at 10:00 am. Ridiculous!

I LOVE breakfast menu selections more than lunch menu selection. And the “lunch” & “dinner” menus are the same at fast food restaurants thus the same items are served virtually ALL DAY. Hence, you would think these places would at least serve breakfast items for a longer period of time on the weekends.

Of course, the solution is not to grab a bite to eat at fast food restaurants. Sit down restaurants like Denny’s, Bob Evans and iHop are the places to patronize. But those sit down restaurants were not available at the Air Force Base in Japan.

And, not surprisingly, when having brunch at a restaurant, I ALWAYS select the breakfast items.


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