Where is my wallet?

Arrived at work this morning a little dehydrated. I had run for an hour this morning (had my protein shake after the run but the shake isn’t Gatorade or Coconut Water). After walking through security, I decided to purchase iced tea from the vending machine (I know, not the ideal drink but I needed something to quench my purse). So I reached into my bag for the wallet. No wallet. That’s odd. I checked my backpack (even though I know I did not place the wallet inside). No wallet.

I’m becoming concerned as I walk to the office. Upon arrival I checked both bags thoroughly. No wallet.

I begin to panic. Did I leave it on the Metrorail train? I don’t recall opening my bags on my short ride. I decided to call Metro. Unfortunately all operators were busy and I could not speak with a live person.

Only one option left, retrace my steps. Step #1 – back to Greenbelt Metro Station.

After exiting the grounds of the building, I walked toward the street to catch a bus. However as I am walking, a bus drives past. Great! I don’t the bus schedule this time of day and time is of the essence. I decide to walk to Greenbelt Metro Station, about a 20 minute walk.

Half way to the station a vehicle slows down next to me. It’s a Marriott Greenbelt shuttle bus. The elderly driver asks me if I am headed to the Metro Station. I respond, yes. He told he will take me to the station.

After hopping into the shuttle bus and kindly thanking the driver, I explained to him that I have lost my wallet. The driver said, no, not your wallet. He told me his son lost his wallet two days ago. His son has not had luck finding his wallet. The driver further informed me how his son has had to contact his credit card companies and obtain a duplicate drivers license (things I envisioned having to do myself).

Upon arriving at Greenbelt Metro Station, I thanked the driver once again for his kindness. I told him I hope his son’s wallet is found & returned. The driver wished me luck in finding my wallet. As I was preparing to exit the shuttle bus, the driver remarked he knew something was urgent by the pace of my walk.

I entered Greenbelt Metro Station and asked a Metro employee if a wallet had been turned in. He responds no.

Next step- go back to West Hyattsville Metro Station. Upon arriving at the station, I asked the Metro employee if a wallet had been turned in this morning. She replied no.

Two strikes. There are two other possibilities: the wallet is in my car or in my home (though I didn’t unpack my bags from the previous day; just added food).

Upon reaching my car at the parking lot, I see the wallet on the front passenger seat. Because I had my “car shade” up against the windshield, the wallet would have been visible if someone walked along the sides of my car.

I then recall the sequence of events. One bag was heavier than another. I attempted to evenly distribute the weight by adding more items to the lighter bag. Apparently my wallet fell out of the bag.

So grateful to have such a happy ending. My wallet contained my bank check card, my credit card, my health insurance, AAA card and of course my driver’s license.

Thank you Lord. The lost wallet has been found!


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