I shouldn’t have but I did

Since May of this year I have set aside $100 per pay period as a principal payment on the 2nd trust.

Yesterday during lunch I drove to a tiny shopping strip to purchase a few items at a Natural Foods store and to pick up a treat for my dog. And I told myself, I will not stop at REI.

When I arrived at the parking lot near the grocery store, an employee approached and asked if I intended to shop at the store. I replied yes. He explained the store is closed due to construction, apologized for the inconvenience, and gave me a card with $5 off during my next visit (must use by 27 July 2011).

So I visited the pet store and purchased the treat for my dog.

Having some extra time, I walked into REI.

I saw clearance signs on racks when I entered so I walked to the women’s section.

I saw several Capri pants and tried on six pairs. I needed some pants because I basically don’t have any. I have budgeted my money so tightly, have allocated my pay to multiple categories, that I have no extra money for clothing. I added the discounted price of three pants and the subtotal was under $100. When I paid for them, the total amount was $99.21.

I have mixed feelings about spending that money designated for the 2nd trust but I needed those pants.

I may have to revise my budget!


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