A Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday I went to My Organic Market (MOM) to grab a few items for a trip today. Upon completing my shopping, I walked up to the cashier to check-out. One customer was ahead of me.

After this customer paid for her items, she realized she forgot to use a $5.00 off card. The customer asked the cashier if she could apply the $5.00 off card to her completed transaction. The cashier replied, sorry, no.

The customer appeared really disappointed. The cashier reminded the customer that the $5.00 off card expired in a few days. The customer responded I know and walked away.

The cashier then rang up my purchases. The total – $15.24. As I pulled out $16.00 to deliver to the cashier, that other customer returned and gave ME her $5.00 off card. Both the cashier and I commented about such a kind act. After accepting the card, I again thank this customer. With $5.00 off, my total came to $10.24 and I handed the cashier $11.00.

As I walked out the store, that customer was getting into a car. I thanked her a third time for her kindness.


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