Thanks for making matters worse, S&P

As you all know, Standard & Poor downgraded the United States credit rating from the coveted Triple A, to the less impressive Double A. And we have all seen the reaction of financial markets around the world. It is 2008 all over again! The Dow Industrial average is below 10,000. Once again, we must worry about the value of our retirement funds. Investors are yanking money out of Wall Street & other financial markets.

This country was barely growing. S&P has just pushed the U.S. off the plank.

Funny, S&P wasn’t worry about the nation’s debt level just a few years ago (guess S&P was too busy assigning Triple A ratings to CDOs, remember that!).

Double dip recession HERE WE COME.

And we can thank Standard & Poor.

With friends like S&P, who needs enemies.


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