Riots in London, other English Cities

If you have a small business, own real estate or even a car, you empathize with those owners in London or other English cities who have had the stores looted, their homes defaced or their cars torched.

In today’s Wall Street Journal Anne Jolis writes an opinion column entitled, “London Riots: The Police Did Nothing.”

The column recounts what Kamran Raif experienced managing his brother’s store.

“Once inside, the looters snatched six-packs of Supermalt from the shelves nearest the entrance and hurled them at the cigarette and alcohol cases behind the register. To Mr. Raif they appeared to be 16 or younger and sober. He doesn’t know if they were kids from the neighborhood, but despite their hoods and balaclavas he could tell ‘from their hands’ that his looters were mostly white.

‘They were very shameful. It was a horrible experience,’ he says.

They police never did appear, although they followed up nine hours later with a phone call. ‘Everything we pay here – taxes, rates, rents – it’s all so expensive. And we can’t even get the police when there are people robbing our shop.'”

I understand. One works hard, one pays taxes and hooligans can’t destroy it all.

Very sad.


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