Remember Microsoft?

More and more Americans are using
smartphones and tablets to communicate or access the Internet (including yours truly, The Money Heifer). Logging onto one’s PC in order to send an e-mail or access the Internet is so 1999.

Is Microsoft, at one point the dominant company in PCs, fading into the background with the consumer opting for smartphones and tablets?

Maybe, maybe not.

Interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal on this very topic. The article is entitled, “Microsoft Faces the Post-PC World,” written by Nick Wingfield.

“Microsoft is counting on the next version of Windows, dubbed Windows 8, to re-start sales growth. But the operating system, which Microsoft has redesigned to run on touch-screen computers, isn’t expected until the autumn of 2012 at the earliest.”

One investor believes it is too late to revive Windows.

“We are past the point where Windows can return to its former glory.”

I am not so sure. A lot of people still use PCs for so many tasks.

Although many customers are buying smartphones and tablets, the corporate world still buys Microsoft products. But even corporations are excited about the iPads.

I guess we’ll just to wait & see with Microsoft.


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