Flash Mob

As reported on CNN.com

A “flash mob” believed to have been organized on the Internet robbed a Maryland convenience store in less than a minute, police said Tuesday, and now authorities are using the same tool to identify participants in the crime.

Surveillance video shows a couple of teens walking into the Germantown 7-Eleven store Saturday at 1:47 a.m. Then, in a matter of seconds, dozens more young people entered and grabbed items from store shelves and coolers. Police said the teens left the store together, without paying for anything.


1:47 a.m. Saturday morning – where are the parents?

Why do these teens except to get something for nothing? Has no one taught them you have to “earn” a wage to buy things, whether food from a convenience store, clothing, sneakers, or electronics?

Funny, in last week’s Weekend edition of the WSJ Peggy Noonan discussed the riots in London and elsewhere in England. She mentioned similarities between certain conditions and viewpoints in Britain and the United States and remarked that such riots could happen here in the United States. Ms. Noonan cited as an example the “Flash Mobs” in Philadelphia. I was clueless about these “flash mobs.”

But today’s article on CNN.com has educated me.

Flash mobs — usually announced online in social networking sites, or by e-mails or text messages — were once benign and entertaining, but recent gatherings by groups of teenagers have evolved into more sinister actions.

Earlier this month, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed an order moving curfews to 9:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays for people younger than 18 in Center City, the heart of Philadelphia’s downtown, and in University City, home to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.

Nutter announced the earlier curfew following a string of mob attacks by young people alerted to gatherings via e-mail and social media.

Parents and minors face hefty fines if caught violating the new rules.

Violent “flash mob” attacks have also been reported recently in other cities across the country, leading to crackdowns on curfew enforcement and stepped-up police patrols.

Look how much trouble these teens are costing society? And, let’s be frank, they are acting like WILD ANIMALS.

These teens should know STEALING is wrong. Obviously they don’t care. Their negative actions drive away customers from downtown areas, which means businesses in those areas are receiving less patronage by customers, which means there is a drop in taxes the municipality collects from those businesses. YES, there is a discernible, negative financial impact of these violent flash mobs.

How ironic, starting late last year, we saw how citizens in several countries in the Middle East used social network for good: to overthrow autocratic governments. It’s ironic that we now have teens in America – who don’t realize the freedoms they enjoy – are using social media to organize thefts of merchants.


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