Return from Grazing (Post Labor Day Reflections)

The Money Heifer is BACK!

Hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend. (No beach or picnic for me. I truly labored. Spent five hours at work on both Saturday & Sunday and spent Monday doing chores inside and outside the house).

Labor Day. For many years we Americans viewed it as the “official end of summer” (okay, we still do). But in this Great and ongoing Recession, does Labor Day have a new meaning? There are so many Americans who are unemployed or under employed. For the unemployed, they don’t want another day off. They want a job where they can earn a livable wage.

Maybe, because it was the Labor Day weekend, during Mass on Sunday, the Prayer of the Faithful, the deacon said, “Let us pray for the unemployed.” Wow. In all my years I have never heard “Let us pray for the unemployed.” Typically it is “let us pray for the sick,” “let us pray for the poor,” “let us pray for the needy” but never “let us pray for the unemployed.”

The numbers of unemployed Americans are too high (and the percentage cited, 9.2%, doesnt’ reflect a much higher rate of unemployment among African Americans, Latino Americans and teenagers). People want to work, want to provide for their families, don’t want to be dependent on handouts.

So, as I worked Saturday and Sunday this past weekend (and no I do not earn any overtime), I didn’t begrudge the fact that I “had to work” because, hey, I have a job.


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