NFL Network

Is a premium cable channel. You, the football fanatic, if you wish to see games on this network, you will have to pay EXTRA MONEY above and beyond the basic cable fee.

For die-hard pro football fans, the NFL is reaching into your wallet. Apparently starting this year, every Thursday will be Thursday Night Football and those games will be broadcast only on the NFL Network. The game tonight is between the last two SuperBowl Champions, the Green Bay Packers vs. the New Orleans Saints. A must see game!! Hmmm, should I buy shoes for my children or subscribe to the NFL Network?

And the powers at be with the NFL must be playing too much fantasy football if they believe during this Great and Ongoing Recession that Americans have so much disposable income that paying for a premium cable channel is insignificant (guess those NFL big wigs have overlooked that Americans, in an effort to save what limited money they have, are CUTTING their cable subscriptions).

A solution for you die-hard NFL fans: RADIO (I know you can’t see the action but hey, you can listen for FREE). Plus, by listening to the radio, you can use your imagination 🙂


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