Some advice to bank tellers

The other day I visited my local credit union to make a “principal payment” on my 2nd trust – $40.11. Yippee! Anyway, when I walked inside the credit union, and got into line, one customer was ahead of me. Almost immediately a teller was available to assist her.

There were two other tellers, both males, apparently “preoccupied.” I quickly realized one of the male tellers was handling the “drive thru” transactions. The other teller, who knew?

About a minute later another customer joined the line and stood right behind me. Literally, right behind me – this woman had NO CONCEPT of personal space. Anyway, we both waited for the next teller to assist us.

Boy, did it take more than 5 – 7 minutes. Meanwhile, the woman behind – lacking the concept of personal space – started huffing. From her reflection in the glass windows, I noticed her arms were crossed and, since she was way too close, I could tell she was quite annoyed.

Frankly, I was annoyed too (but was cool as a cucumber). This other male teller was doing SOMETHING but appeared to be doing NOTHING to those of us waiting in line. And, boy, did he chat a lot with his colleague who was assisting the “drive thru” customers.

Here’s my advice for bank/credit union tellers: if you are in your cubicle where the public EXPECTS TO BE SERVED but you have some other assignment, POST A SIGN – indicating to customers that you are doing some other task. Better yet, MOVE to an area where you are not VISIBLE to the public and you can do this other task at your own pace.

Frankly, there is nothing more annoying than standing in line, observing a teller who appears available to assists customers, but is, in fact, preoccupied with another task and thus is not assisting customers. This is EVEN MORE AGGRAVATING when there are only one or two people standing in a line, three tellers behind the “bullet proof service counter” and only ONE teller assisting customers standing in line!


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