Ice Wine

Over a decade ago, while stationed in Japan, I took a one-day exertion to Japan’s “wine country.” Can’t recall the area of Japan I visited. What I do recall was “ice wine.”

I never had “ice wine” before but I fell in love with it immediately. After tasting the first sample, I asked for a second and quickly emptied my cup. Then I asked for another sample. The employee eyed me suspiciously but nonetheless granted my request. I was in heaven.

Excited about the “ice wine” I was determined to purchase a bottle. Well, that’s until I learned it was $50 for one bottle. Too rich for my blood.

Ever since that day I’ve been looking for “ice wine” [okay, not really hard, but when I happen to be in a store with a large selection of wine].

I have patronized World Market on countless occasions. I have purchased a variety of alcoholic drinks produced from multiple countries around the world. I would look for “ice wine” but would not see it on the shelf. I began to believe it must be just a “Japanese thing.” Lots of sake but never “ice wine.”

Until this past Saturday. I FINALLY found “ice wine.” The product is made in Germany. The description on the back of the bottle states,

The Heinz Eifel Eiswein (Ice Wine) is a gastronomic speciality made from hand-picked frozen grapes. These frozen grapes produce only a small amount of highly concentrated juice. Eiswein can age for many years or can be enjoyed now with blue cheese, fruit desserts or as dessert on its own.

Waiting for a special occasion to open this bottle. And, can’t beat the price. With tax, just under $24, half of what I would have paid in Japan 10 years ago.


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