Outsource Jobs at D.C. Office of Tax & Revenue!

Wow, was it just two to three years ago that the largest theft in the history of the District of Columbia government was uncovered, with employees stealing between $50 – $60 million. Tonight I happened to catch a segment of the news and learned another employee has embezzled $400,000.

As a tax payer of the District of Columbia, I am BEYOND fed up with employees who act as if tax dollars are their own “money trees.” There is obviously a serious problem at the Office of Tax & Revenue. None of those employees need to have ANY dealings with money AT ALL.

Better yet, “ship” those jobs overseas (I know, that sounds terrible). I bet we will not have the unbelievable levels of theft that has occurred recently if these positions were in India, China, etc.

And, don’t get me started about paying for the Chair of the DC Council’s two luxury SUVs and another council member who stole $300,000 of government funds allocated for children’s programs [if you are repaying the money, you have, in fact, admitted you stole the money]. Maybe we can outsource these political positions as well 🙂


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