My first personal computer

Was the original iMac, color tangerine [the least popular of the five colors].  I was living in a 775 square foot condo, labeled a “junior one-bedroom.”  I didn’t have much space.  I didn’t want a computer that would take up a lot of space in my bedroom.  The iMac was the answer to my prayer.

What a concept – combining the CPU and monitor into one device!  Steve Jobs was definitely a trailblazer, one who had the vision, the foresight to create the products that we consumers didn’t even realized we wanted.

I own an iPod (3G) and an iPhone (3GS).  I plan to purchase an iPad, that’s right, when the 3G is released a few years from now.

But I think about how I am able to manage my finances with apps I purchase & download to my iPhone or the financial shows such as Dave Ramsey (audio) or Suze Orman (video) that I listen to or watch on my iPod.

Thanks, Steve Jobs!  You will be truly missed.


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