Amazon Has Daily Deals?

About 2 weeks ago I ordered two books from  I received the customary confirmatory e-mail and another e-mail that my order has been shipped.

I continued to receive e-mails from and didn’t pay attention at first.  I presumed the e-mails were “ recommends”, you know, a message declaring that you ordered product A, you may be interested in product B.

Well, this weekend I finally looked at some of those e-mails and realized has local deals.  Who knew?  Well, at least I didn’t.

Of course those local deals are targeted for my locality (which is based on my shipping address).  Recent deals included half off two hours of house cleaning and half off for high-end tea and spice at a local boutique.  But, upon closer examination, I noticed these local deals are sold by Living Social.  Huh?

And then I recalled reading a Wall Street Journal article from earlier this year (or late last year) that invested $$$ with Living Social.

Okay, I already receive daily deals directly from Living Social.  I don’t need to receive the same offering from both Living Social and

And, has the excitement about the daily deals evaporated?  For me it has.  Haven’t purchased a deal in months.


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