Package by mule FINALLY arrived

Okay, not really delivered by a someone on a mule, but it feels that way.

The company will remain nameless. I placed an order with the company on September 21st for two printed materials. I saw one of the items I ordered at the Virginia Store (I think that’s what it is called at the Library of Virginia) on September 29th.

Having not received my order, on October 1st I sent an e-mail to the webmaster. Three days later, on
October 4th I get a response. The webmaster informs my order was shipped on September 26th (wow, 5 days to process) and normally takes between 10 – 14 business days for delivery.

My package FINALLY arrived today, October 13th. Yup, delivered by a mule.

By contrast I placed an order with on September 22nd and received my items three days later.

Amazon has set such high standards that we consumer expect other companies to follow the lead.

Not the nameless company I ordered from. Needless to say, that company will not get any additional business from me.


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