No sympathy for locked-out NBA players

Heard this evening on a local sports talk radio show that NBA player Joe Smith is in “pre-foreclosure.” And Joe Smith makes how much?

Later tonight I heard Charles Barkley on ESPN radio. At one point during the interview Barkley noted NBA players have numerous expenses such as private school tuition for the children, and, often NBA players own more than one car.

No sympathy. What these NBA players need is a course in personal finance!

As Patrick Ewing noted during the last lockout: “Yeah, we make a lot of money. We also spend a lot of money.”

NBA players continue to spend a lot of money. How many cars do you need to own? You can only drive one car at a time. And, how many gold necklaces do you to own? And is it smart to return to your hood wearing all that jewelry?

I lost sympathy ( actually, not sure if I had any) a few weeks ago. The NBA players decided to educate the public about their issues via Twitter. Well, the strategy didn’t work according to plan. The public’s response was not too sympathetic.

One NBA player tweeted, that he hopes those fans develop “full blown
AIDS.” Outrages!

Again, no sympathy,


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