Quick 2 Charge, Slow 2 Credit

You know the deal when you rent a car: you must return the vehicle at the same level of gasoline as when you drove the rental vehicle off the lot.

When I picked up the rental vehicle on the 22nd, the tank was 7/8 full. I inquired about that. The Avis employee replied, you are not required to return the vehicle with a full tank, just 7/8 full.

When I returned the vehicle on the 30th, it had a full tank. The Avis maintenance guy noted the full tank and the mileage on the Avis form.

After turning in the vehicle I proceeded to the Avis counter. I had returned the vehicle a day early, so my bill would be lower. As the Avis employee was keying in information, I remarked, I assume I will receive a credit for returning the vehicle with a full tank? Apparently the Avis employee had not noticed. He punched a few more keys. Then he stated, well, your credit is only $9.47.

I guess this Avis employee is really well off, since $9.47 is a trivial sum to him. But for those of us trying to live within our means, every penny saved counts.

By the way, if I had returned the vehicle with less than 7/8 of gasoline, you can bet Avis would have charged a hefty fee, maybe $10/gallon. That rate, I guarantee you, is much higher than the rate Avis applied to my credit 🙂


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