Recession Proof

The pet services industry. I’ve heard or read how Americans have not cut back on their spending for their pets. That appears to be true.

Took my dog to PetSmart on Saturday for grooming (okay, not the grooming a poodle would get but my beagle still needs to wash, nails trimmed, etc). When I arrived at the Grooming Salon, the place was packed. There was a dog on all six tables plus a dog on the floor who didn’t like getting his nails trimmed (one groomer was holding onto the dog while the other trimmed the dog’s nails). During this commotion the manager walked in and inquired of the staff whether there is sufficient space to install two more tables (for a total of eight). I guess the Grooming Salon is in high demand, especially on the weekend.

After leaving my dog at the Grooming Salon, I needed to grab a few things. Spent $52. And the cost for grooming – $53. Yup, $100 just like that.

Hmmm, wonder if my beagle appreciates it.



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