Which charity should I choose?

During the past five days I received three “gift catalogs” from charitable organizations:  Food for the Poor,  World Vision and Heifer International (no relation to The Money Heifer).  With these “gift catalogs” one can purchase farm animals or supplies or trees or sponsor a girl’s education to help those less fortunate individuals around the world.

I believe it was Heifer International who pioneered “purchasing” livestock as a gift for those in need.  And apparently World Vision and Food for the Poor  have expounded upon this concept.

With each organization you can purchase “chicks.”  With Food for the Poor it costs $25 for 20 chicks.  From World Vision $25 will also get 20 chicks (its most popular gift).  At Heifer International one can purchase a flock of chicks for $20.

If you have lots of “dough”, you can spend $2,000 for 28 farm animals through World Vision.  For only $1,895 your gift will purchase 29 farm animals through Food for the Poor.  And through Heifer International a gift of $5,000 pays for a “gift ark” of multiple animals:  2 cows, 2 sheep, 2 camels, 2 oxen, etc.

Don’t have the money to give a gift of farm animals and definitely not the “gift ark.”  But will give more than $20 to $25 for chicks.

Still need to decide which charitable organization.


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