Technocrats to the rescue?

The other morning I listened to a segment on Marketplace Morning about the financial crisis in Europe, specifically Greece and Italy.  There were comments about the politicians lacking the political will or pandering too much to their base to address head-on the financial crisis.  Apparently, in both Greece and Italy, the solution will be turning to technocrats to handle the crisis.

And, then the comment was raised, but that’s not very democratic.

And I then I thought – what about here in America?  We too have many fiscal and financial hurdles to overcome.  The politicians can’t seem to roll up their sleeves and compromise.  Would appointing technocrats help America?  The answer, NO.

Everything in Washington is shaped by politics.  Want to appoint a panel of technocrats?  Well, you must have an equal number of Democrats and Republicans (for instance, the 9-11 Commission).  And technocrats means government and there is a significant segment of the population that distrusts government.  And, don’t we already have “technocrats” with the Federal Reserve?  That institution and its chairman are not highly regarded.

No, appointing technocrats won’t work here in the USA.

Will these fiscal and financial issues EVER be truly addressed?   Don’t hold your breath 😦


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