Cancelled through December 15th

Talking about the NBA regular season, as reported by ESPN.

I am not a season ticker holder, but if I was, I would be pretty miffed, especially if the owner of the team hasn’t refunded my money.

Of course, if I am an employee at the arena where basketball games are played, I would be pretty miffed because I have lost a source of income (maybe my only income).

You, the NBA owners or players, are you thinking about the little people? Not a chance.

A tug of war between billionaires & millionaires in an economy with more than 9% unemployment (and the unemployment rate is much higher in the African American community.

Here’s a reality check for the NBA owners and players: You are not the NFL. People can live without professional basketball.

From an economic standpoint, the NBA is a sinking ship.

This time of the year sports fans have lots of choices: pro football, college football, pro hockey, college hockey & college basketball. Thanks for leaving the stage and allowing college basketball to take center stage.

Plus, the cost for a ticket to watch college basketball – much cheaper than the NBA.


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