Free newspapers

I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. The paper is delivered to my home.

Occasionally, other newspapers are delivered to my home. I have received a few issues of The Financial Times (of London). For the 1st time last Saturday an issue of Barron’s was left at my front porch. Recently the Sunday edition of The New York Times has appeared on my porch.

I am not interested in Barron’s or The New York Times. Am interested in The Financial Times (of London) but it it is too expensive.

My brother is fond of The New York Times so I give him the newspaper when ever I receive it.

On Sunday morning I received another unsolicited edition of The New York Times. I delivered the paper to my brother that evening. After accepting the newspaper, my brother remarked how it is ridiculous that I am receiving the paper without paying for it (he doesn’t mind getting it free from me).

I am not asking for the newspaper and I am not paying for it. I’m assuming this company hopes I will order The New York Times in addition to The Wall Street Journal. Fat chance!

Hmmm, maybe I should give The New York Times to someone else who won’t give me a lot of grief?


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