Looking for a new tenant

My tenant informed me last week that he will be vacating the unit in early January. Bummer šŸ˜¦

He has been a great tenant – pays the rent on time & promptly notifies me of any maintenance requests. He’s been renting my condo for two years. His job is taking him to Europe (boy, am I jealous).

Now the search begins for a new tenant, in this sluggish economy. Do I raise the rent? I checked for comparable units and decided to raise the rent $100.

When I began renting my condo back in 2005, I did “everything” – clean the condo, advertise the condo for rent (through Craigs list & local newspapers) and host “open house.”

Now, I can turn over the task a finding prospective tenants to Urban igloo. Some landlords may find the cost of Urban igloo’s full service too pricey – one month’s rent, but it is worth it to me (plus that’s a deductible expense).

Just hope I’m fortunate enough to find another great tenant.


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