Yes, that’s a depost of $24

Had a dental appointment in late October.  Several days later I mailed forms seeking reimbursement for my out-of-pocket dental expenses – to my primary insurance plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and my dental plan (Aetna).

I received the reimbursement from BCBS first – $24.  Since I detest debt, I decided the best use of that $24 is to apply it to my 2nd trust.

So, I endorsed the back of the check, filled out the deposit slip form, including writing the words “principal payment only” next to this loan account.

Despite taking these steps, the bank teller asked me, do you want to deposit this $24?  YES.  And I said, as a principal payment only as written on the deposit slip. 

Maybe he thought, why bother, it’s just $24.   He doesn’t know The Money Heifer.  For a year I made principal payments of $2.21 on the 2nd trust.  This year the principal payments were $9.82 monthly.  And starting in December, I’ll be making, I believe, an even higher monthly principal payment. 

When I arrived home this evening, in the mail, was my reimbursement check from Aetna of $146.  Between the two insurance companies, $170 of $180 out-of-pocket dental expenses were reimbursed.  Not bad.

And, tomorrow morning, another principal payment on the 2nd trust.  This one will be large enough that the teller won’t question it.


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