Hey Folks, it’s just stuff

We have all heard by now the reports of outbreaks of violence with the beginning of shopping on Black Friday. The most notorious is the pepper-spraying shopper at a Wal-Mart in California (guess she was inspired by police using pepper-spray against Occupy Wall Street protesters).

Have we not learned from the Wal Mart employee who was killed (2 or 3 years ago) when shoppers stormed a Wal Mart store as the employee opened the door for those Black Friday shoppers looking for bargains?

It is not worth it.

The retailers need to wake-up. You are attracting certain undesirable characters at these heavily discounted shopping events. In the short term, you may attract more customers to line up at midnight. But over the long term, more Americans will decline to be in a mob like setting and will opt to make purchases online or even pay full price.

Is that heavily discounted Wii so important that you will harm others? Crazy!


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