Don’t pay, no access

Received in the mail today a letter from the Secretary-Treasurer of my condo’s Board of Directors. The letter states in pertinent part:

For the past several months most R owners and residents have been enjoying access to our buildings with electronic key fobs. “Why haven’t we done this before!” was the reaction of many. The acquisition of amenities usually has a cost to them – as did key fob access – for the convenience and added safety they bring.

For the past several years, R has dealt with a serious financial handicap prompted by the state of the economy and the inability of some owners to handle the situation. Most did their best to correct the situation as quickly as possible. Others could not and some did not. Fortunately, the worst now appears to be behind us.

At its November 16, 2011, regular meeting the R Board of Directors unanimously approved a Resolution denying access by electronic key fob to 1) owners who have not come to an agreement with the Board on payment of delinquent condo fees, 2) renters of delinquent owners who are not paying their rent to R as permitted by the Bylaws and 3) renters of units who do not have an approved lease on file with the Management Office. Access by metal key at specific entries will continue to be available.

Whoa, I’m glad this doesn’t apply to me.

What’s great about living in a condo: no grass to mow, no snow to shovel, underground parking, 24 hour reception desk (and anything you order by mail is secured at the front desk), etc.

What’s not great about living at the condo: rules, rules, rules and other condo members who don’t pay their condo fees.

Well, the Association had thrown down the gauntlet. Wait and see if these provisions will have to be enforced.


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