How much of a year end gift?

Friday morning I saw my newspaper carrier. He was delivering the paper later than usual so I had the opportunity to chat with him for a few seconds. After he departed I opened up the plastic bag containing The Wall Street Journal. Inside was a holiday card and an envelope addressed to the carrier.

Funny, I had been thinking about this lately. How much of a tip do I give the newspaper carrier? Is there an expectation that the gift should be more generous since I subscribe to The Wall Street Journal, versus The Washington
or The Washington Post?

Later that morning, after arriving at work, I asked my boss, a fellow subscriber of The Wall Street Journal about tipping the newspaper carrier. I told him I was considering $40 or $50. My boss replied, that’s really generous, maybe too much. So, I inquired, how much do you give? He responded, about $30.

I then remarked, I know there are not that many people in my area subscribing to The Wall Street Journal. My boss jokingly agreed – that carrier is spending extra on gasoline to deliver your paper. He does deserve extra.

I’ve decided to give him $40.


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