Year end gift: personal check or cashier’s check?

In my post yesterday I blogged about the amount of the year end gift for the newspaper carrier. Having resolved that matter, the next issue is the manner of payment: personal check or cashier’s check?

Several years ago I would not have hesitated to pay with a personal check. But there is so much information on the personal check. No, I’m not talking about my address (he knows where I live). And, no, my telephone number is not listed on the check. (And some people used to have their social security number pre-printed on their checks. Yes, this actually occurred. I was stationed with the USAF overseas. One had to write one’s SSN when writing checks. I know people who had the SSN pre-printed on
their checks. What an innocent time. Those days are no more!).

My concern – my checking account number and the bank’s routing number are printed on the check. Way too much info for someone who may not have the best of intentions.

I write checks in limited circumstances: my church, charitable organizations and Medical providers. A yearly gift to a newspaper carrier (in fact the 1st one to this particular carrier), isn’t worth the risk.

So, tomorrow morning I will stop by the credit union and get a $40 cashier’s check. My credit union allows members to obtain one cashier’s check per day with no fee assessed.

Did I mention, I really like my credit union 🙂


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