Saving $$ on gasoline & helping the environment

Sunday morning, after church, I visited a locally owned natural foods store called M.O.M. (My Organic Market). I noticed upon arrival that a lady was having her tires checked.

After selecting and purchasing items, I walked out the store. An employee asked me, did they tell you about getting your tires checked? I replied no. He then told me this is a free service M.O.M. is providing to customers this week. I replied, why not.

I pulled my car to the spot in front of the store and he checked the pressure of each of my tires. It turned out that both front tire were slightly deflated so he inflated them.

We chatted as he checked my tires. He explained M.O.M. provides this service twice a year: summer and winter. He reminded me that with properly inflated tires I will save money on gasoline and help the environment. And I got a free tire pressure gauge too.

I knew tips were not allowed so I offered a donation for hot chocolate because it was rather chilly but he declined.

Don’t forget to check your tires’ pressure.

Remember – preventive maintenance does save you money.


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