Extreme Budgeting

2011 was a great year in many ways, exceptwith how I handled my money. A too few many purchases. Draining my furlough fund – 1st because of medical expenses (hurt foot while training for Army 10 miler) and later it became the “go to fund” to cover purchases not in my budget. Additionally I budgeted too tightly in 2011.

To get back on track, I begin with budgeting. So, why is it extreme? I budgeted allpay periods for the year. Extreme indeed!

I get paid every 2 weeks. My expenses are basically the same each month. For the yearly or twice a year expenses such as auto insurance and subscriptions, I pay from the two extra pay periods (when paid three times a month -this year March & August). Of course it is not easy remembering everything. But I give it my best shot.

I used this extreme budgeting in 2009 & 2010. I paid off my condo home equity loan & my condo mortgage.


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