In Twelve Days

My former tenants moved out on January 5th. My new tenant moved in today, January 17th. I am very fortunate to find a new tenant so quickly (had a lot of inquiries ). But I had a short window to get everything accomplished: hire contractor to paint walls & related tasks, hire someone to shampoo the carpet, purchase a new fire extinguisher, buy cleaning supplies (a task I performed myself with help fro my Mom), pay the $400 move in fee charged by the Condo Association, and have Sears technicians check appliances in the kitchen. In total I spent about $2,000 to get condo ready for new tenant, not including gasoline for multiple trips from my home to the condo and back. $2,000 is well above the monthly rent.

Then there is the time spent ensuring all paperwork is in order. Besides the Condo Association’s standard lease agreement, I have written documents that supplement the lease agreement: policies & rules, tenant information letter and smoke detector agreement. I even prepare a “reference binder” for the new tenant identifying the manager & assistant manager, the security guards and the shifts they work as well as the immediate neighbors. I work hard to provide a tenant with as much information as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

A lot to do in twelve days and it was done. Organization is key!


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