What would I do if there was no Craig’s List?

Spending lots of money advertising my condo for rent!

I have been renting my condo & parking space (yes, the District of Columbia taxes the parking space as a separate and distinct property) since May of 2005. I have paid for advertisement in the Washington City Paper, in a region specific publication, on a region specific website and on Military Owner.com. Not one tenant. In fact, only two inquiries through these paid services.

Nothing compares to Craig’s List. I posted my ad on Sunday, January 8th about 8:00 am in the morning. A few hours later I received an e-mail and I showed the unit to this prospective tenant at 2:00 pm (who ultimately became my 5th tenant). While driving from my house to the condo to meet this prospective tenant, I got a phone call from someone else interested in viewing the condo. Over the next three days I received another 10 inquiries.

Every tenant I have rented to, I found through Craig’s List (technically, my last tenant came to my attention via Urban igloo. But I had met this tenant the previous year. He was going to rent my condo, but the contractor doing renovations fell behind schedule and this tenant needed to find a place sooner).

Back in 2008 I became a little leery of Craig’s List because of some scams by certain individuals (from overseas) responding to ads.

But Craig’s List appears to be much more proactive in excluding scammers. Based on past experience, I knew I had to verify (by clicking on link sent to my e-mail address before my ad would be posted. Now there is another level of verification: Craig’s List sends you a code which you must relay by voice or text message. Several steps to get an ad up on the website but the precautions are prudent.

As a small business owner, nothing beats the service provided by Craig’s List!


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