Why Dry Clean Only Clothes Are Like Owning A House

You visit a department store or a speciality clothing store and you find a dress or suit that you’ve got to have. Maybe you can impress by wearing the power suit at work or that dress to an upcoming social event. You look at the price tag of the suit or dress. That’s your only concern at that moment. You decide to purchase the item.

You wear it. You receive compliments. Once you get home you realize, this suit or dress needs to be cleaned. For the first time you look at the label to find out how to clean it. You see the following three words: dry clean only.

You probably don’t think much of the cost the first, second or third time you take that suit or dress to the dry cleaners. But by the fifth, sixth or seventh time, you could have purchased a new suit or dress. Yes, the cost of cleaning.

Well, there is an analogy to owning a home: the cost of maintenance and/or repair. We as perspective home owners “fall in love” with a home. We figure out we can make the monthly mortgage payment plus utilities. But what if the water heater ceases to work, or you need to purchase a new window, or even worse your home develops significant plumbing issues? Do you have the money to cover these expenses?

As I make every effort to live within my means, I have to find ways to save money. Besides eating the proverbial “beans & rice”, I own a lot of dry clean only winter clothes. I elected not to bother to wear those clothes this winter.

And, in the future, I will look for clothes that are NOT dry clean only to purchase.


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