In preparing my condo for the new tenant, I had the option of cleaning the unit myself or hiring someone to clean the unit.

Since renting the unit in May 2005 I have always cleaned the unit, with the assistance of my mother. This time around, I decided to hire someone.

The service I called was unavailable to meet me on a specific day to provide an estimate. Time was short, so I decided to clean it myself (with some help from Mom).

I spent the recent three day weekend at the condo. I got plenty of exercise – taking the stairs, getting on my hands and knees, building up a sweat.

My condo is a small one bedroom unit. I’m glad I saved money and cleaned it myself.

As an aside, a presidential candidate mentioned about a month ago about having minority children clean their schools to teach them the importance of working to earn an income and to build character. While I agree that learning that one must work to earn an income is important, such a lesson should not be limitedto “poor” children or minority children. Middle income, upper level and children of the 1% can learn too.

One final thought: cleaning is a form of exercise. One will not have a protruding belly like that presidential candidate if one eats less and exercises more. If children are taught these values, a healthy citizenry reduces health care costs both individually and at the group level. 🙂


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