Financial Planning Derailed

In an earlier post, Extreme Budgeting I discussed how I had “budgeted” my 26 paychecks for 2012. I listed every expenditure I could think of (subscriptions, auto insurance, car registration, dental appointments, memberships, etc.). I knew I didn’t have wiggle room for anything unexpected (Dave Ramsey is wagging his finger at me for not having that 3-6 month emergency fund). Well, you can guess what happened.

My dryer stopped working. Yup, this is a necessity that required immediate attention. So I called Sears. Technician stopped by last Saturday (also paid to have the washer checked). Total cost (including purchase of a lint filter) $218. Not a lot of money, but I didn’t have an extra $200 and I was not going to borrow from my mini emergency fund. The only other option: reallocate funds.

For the first time in more than two years, I didn’t contribute to my car fund ($3,600 in that account). And I didn’t make an extra principal payment on the 2nd Trust.

Had planned to fund my house maintenance account starting in September once I had saved $5,000 in the car maintenance fund. Instead, starting next pay period I will reallocate 3/4 of the car maintenance fund to the house maintenance fund.

Financial plans derailed but still moving.


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