Winning Tickets

Last Friday I won 2 tickets to an NBA game between the Washington Wizards and the Chicago Bulls. The game was this evening.

To keep expenses to a minimum I ate a meal at home before the game (plus the food at the Verizon Center is sold at a premium).

The performance of my Wizards was so-so. At least they played with some heart. The result was not unexpected: the Bulls 98 & the Wizards 88.

What was an unexpected surprise was when a young lady approached the row where my brother and I sat. She asked if I won tickets from ESPN Sports Talk 980. I replied yes. She asked for my name, which I gave and highlighted my name. Then she asked me to ask the others: if they won tickets from ESPN Sports Talk 980. Turns out they did as well. She obtained their names and checked them off the list.

About 5-7 minutes later this young woman returned with gift bags for each of us. The gift bag contained a t-shirt, pen and key chain among other things!

Winning the tickets was good enough, Receiving the gift bag was unexpected delight.


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