Plan B

Budgeting is Plan A. But one cannot always anticipate expenses. Luckily, because I apply the strategy of paying extra on my utilities bills, a few times a year I build up enough credit that I don’t have to pay a bill – what I call “Plan B.”

A case in point – I planned a surprise birthday party for my boss (he was indeed surprised). My colleague and I had decided to purchase very limited light refreshments. But after speaking to two others with more experience in such activities, we were advised to expand the menu.

Well I needed to purchase certain products from Costco. I don’t have an American Express card and thus had to pay with cash. Living on an extremely tight budget, where would I find extra money?

Luckily I had recently received my electric bill. I had $300 credit. Money found! I had allocated $100 in my budget for the electric bill but with a $300 credit, I skipped making a payment.

Always good to have a Plan B.


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