Hasta la vista, iPhone!!

Today, towards the end of my lunch hour, I pulled out my iPhone and swiped my finger across it to log in my password.  The iPhone screen never shifted for me to type in my password.  It is frozen. It has been frozen since 1:56 this afternoon on Wednesday, February 8th with 84%  power.  I attempted to turn off the iPhone, to no avail.

Upon arriving home, I plugged in my iPhone hoping that action would “unfreeze” the phone.  Nothing.

I’ve had it up to here with the iPhone.  This is my second iPhone in less than 2 years.

I have a contract with AT&T that expires this August.  I decided to call AT&T.

Long story short, I am receiving a refurbished 4G Samsung Infuse Droid phone (my “frozen” iPhone is a 3G).  Under the “exception upgrade” of my 2 year contract, the refurbished phone cost $18.00.  Priority shipping plus tax is $15.85.  Because I have had such HORRIBLE LUCK with the iPhone, I opted for mobile insurance at $6.99/month.  The worst part?  Yes, the “deal with the devil” is a new two-year contract upon activation of the refurbished phone.

Some may say – not the smartest move.  But, hey, I’ve paid enough money to Apple for two iPhones.

Funny, my first cell phone was a Qualcomm (remember that company?).  That cell phone lasted for years, despite losing the antenna.  And then the subsequent phone I purchased (though I discontinued my service with Sprint two years ago), I still use as my alarm clock.  Yet, in the space of less than two years, two iPhones go bust.

You know the expression – Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  I have been Apple’s fool twice.  Not taking it any more.  Hasta la vista, iPhone!!


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