I can see again

No, I’m not talking about my eyesight (thankfully).  But something else that felt so vital when I didn’t have it – a smartphone.

I have become so dependent on my iPhone for the past 1.5 years; it’s like an addiction to a drug.  I could do almost anything with my iPhone.  But last Wednesday, my iPhone screen “froze” and I couldn’t get it to budge.

In frustration, I decided to chart a new course and ordered a refurbished Android operating system phone through AT&T.  The phone arrived Friday night.  I took the Samsung Infuse 4G to the AT&T store today.  And, now, I can see again.

Funny, how lost I was without my smartphone.  The smartphone has become so indispensable to us as consumers.  And I learned that the hard way.   🙂


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